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Flower Hair Sticks


GirlFlowers® Hair Sticks are handcarved out of wood, each stick is wrapped with colored thread.
Any flower can be attached to hairsticks. Custom orders are welcome!
These hair sticks have a curvy tip so they are easy to hold and insert into your hair.
Wood hair sticks measure 8 " long but will vary slightly due to being handmade.

hair stick hair stick HAIRSTICK
HS01 - Flower Hair Stick

HS02 - Flower Hair Stick

HS03 - Flower Hair Stick
plumeria hairstick
plumeria hairsticks
HS04 - Flower Hair Stick
HS05 - Flower Hair Stick
HS06 - Flower Hair Stick
HAIRSTICK hair stick hairstick
HS07 - Flower Hair Stick
Out of stock

HS08 - Flower Hair Stick
HS09 - Flower Hair Stick

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